Yamazaki Keiji

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NAME Yamazaki Keiji / 山崎啓次
BIRTH & DEATH 1937-2018
BIRTHPLACE Ōsaka pref.

PEN NAME 啓次, 啓
MASTER Satō Taisei
  • Auditor of the Nitten Exhibition
  • Received the Minister of Education Award for Fine Arts at the 43th Nitten exhibition in 2011

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Yamazaki Keiji (山崎啓次, 1937-2018) was a Japanese-style painter from the Shōwa era to Heisei era. Auditor of the Nitten. Pupil of Satō Taisei. His style close to that of Satō Taisei.

  • 1937: Born in Osaka, Japan
  • 1960: Graduated Kyōto City University of Fine Arts
  • 1968: Became a pupil of Satō Taisei.
  • 1968: Won a prize for the first time at the 11th Nitten Exhibition.
  • 1969: Won a prize for the first time at the 4th Nisshunten (the spring exhibition of Japanese-style paintings by the Nitten).
  • 1974 Won an incentive prize at the 9th Nisshunten.
  • 1977: Won a Nisshunten Prize at the 12th Nisshunten. (Won it again at the 14th in 1979)
  • 1981: Displayed his work at “The 15th exhibition of selected modern art works” held by Agency for Cultural Affairs
  • 1981: Became a member of the Nisshunten.
  • 1985: Served as a judge at the 17th Nitten exhibition. (Served again at the 21th in 1989 and at the 23th in 1991)
  • 1986: Became a member of the Nitten.
  • 1991: Won a Nitten Prize in the 23th Nitten exhibition.
  • 1992: Became a councilor of the Nitten.
  • 1993: Served as a judge at the 28th Nisshunten. (Served again at the 31th in 1996 and at the 34th in 1999)
  • 1993: Became a member of the Nisshunten Management Committee.
  • 1996: “Shizen-tono-Yūwa” (harmony with nature) Exhibition in Fukuchiyama City Folk Museum, Kyōto, Japan.
  • 2011: Won the Minister of Education Prize in the 43th Nitten exhibition.
  • 2012: Became an auditor of the Nitten.
  • 2018: Died


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