Kobayashi Gorō

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NAME Kobayashi Gorō / 小林五浪
BIRTH & DEATH 1925-2005
BIRTHPLACE Fukushima pref.

MASTER Fukuōji Hōrin
  • Special member of Nihon Bijutsuin
  • Received the Medal with Dark Blue Ribbon in 1981.
  • Won the Encourage Prize at the 80th Inten exhibition in 1994.
  • Won the Encourage Prize at the 78th Inten exhibition in 1993.
  • Won the Encourage Prize at the 66th Inten exhibition in 1981.

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NOTE Kobayashi Kikō


Kobayashi Gorō (小林五浪, 1925-2005) was a Japanese-style painter. A frequent prize winner in the Inten exhibition. Born in Fukushima pref. In 1950, graduated from the Bunka Gakuin university. In 1957, won a prize for the first time at the 43th Inten exhibition; after that, won a prize 39 times at the Inten exhibition. In 1959, became member of the Nihon Bijutsuin; in 1977 became a special member. In 1981, received the Medal with Dark Blue Ribbon. Pupil of Fukuōji Hōrin. Kobayashi Kikō is his son.

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