Kanō Seisen-in Osanobu

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NAME Kanō Seisen-in Osanobu / 狩野晴川院養信
BIRTH & DEATH 1796-1846
BIRTHPLACE Edo, Tokyo pref.

PEN NAME 會心斎(会心斎), 恵心斎, 玉川, 清川院
MASTER Kanō Isen-in Naganobu
POSITION The 9th head of the Kobikichō (木挽町) branch of the Kanō school
RECORD OF AWARDS Hōin (the 1st highest rank for Buddhist priests)


Osanobu Seisenin Kanō (狩野晴川院養信, 1796-1846) was a Japanese-style painter. Kanō painter. Represented the 9th generation of the Kobikichō branch of the Kanō school. Son and pupil of Kanō Isen-in, became in his turn goyo-eshi and did much work at the Edo Castle. Also made copies of earlier paintings. In 1819, given title of hōgen; in 1834 that of hōin, at which time he began to use the go of Seisen-in. Author of a well-known diary, Kaishinsai Hikki, which is essential for the study of the Kanō school. His pupils were Hashimoto Gahō, Kanō Hōgai , Nakayama Osayoshi, etc. The most important Kanō artist of the late Tokugawa period.

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